Extracting the Gold Inherent Within
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Training Topics

Workshops are based on these topics


This workshop focuses upon the second half of life, the period in which we take stock of our dreams and aspirations. Participants are provided with the character traits necessary to secure the "Water of Life".



This workshop is designed to identify past psychological wounds and provide solutions to improve communication and diminish potential conflicts between parents and children. Underlying issues will be brought to the surface (if willing) in an attempt to curb the harmful effects of past wounds. This seminar will allow the participant to visualize and empathize with various other viewpoints and recognize the information needed to make sound decisions.
This training is designed to assist the participants in understanding the stage of adolescence from a deep psychological perspective. Its purpose is to uncover what is called the "infinte array of potential" that this stage presents. Discussion will center on the nature of adolescence and possible remedies for increased communication between generations. Participants will take an epic journey to reexamine their experience during adolescence to better understand the present stage of their adolescent clients.


As one journeys through life, one searches for meaning. Within this search, one normally is provided assistance that comes in the form of a guide, a mentor. This mentor is there to assist one in recognizing one's genius within. Many youth (and adults) are left to wrestle with this tumultuous period alone, if not alone, then with others who themselves are cautiously tiptoeing through this unfamiliar terrain. Through, stories participants are given assistance in their personal journeys along with tools to ascertain what it takes to be a mentor and what specifically is needed in a particular scenario.


Knowledge of Self is considered the basis of all knowledge. Individuals who have a basis of this knowledge operate with a sense of purpose and determination in all domains of their lives. These individuals are able to see beyond the surface and are imbued with an inner strength which allows them to overcome obstacles and balance the demands of work, family, dreams and the harsh realities of life. Knowledge of Self reminds one what they came to this earth to accomplish.

Student Testimonial

It is very easy to relate the stories and it's not boring so it's easier to pay attention to what the story says and gets you to think beyond the literal meanings of things.

Sean - Alchemy Student