Extracting the Gold Inherent Within
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Program Results

Alchemy, Inc. offers a safe group environment for youth to focus on topics directly related to their stage of development. Youth who have engaged our program:

  • Increased their Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)
  • Increased their school attendance
  • Increased their high Grade Point Averages
  • Increased high school graduation rates
  • Increased their college acceptance rates
  • Developed the character traits necessary to succeed in life

From Our Students

"As a child, newly shown the way of Alchemy, this incredible program was a warm bed at night to my blistering cold blizzard of a life. Alchemy seemed to give me the key to the lock keeping me confined to this person of conformity and ignorance. I began to look up; I began to look at myself differently. I was a young man, a gentleman would not be a stretch."

Stacee - Alchemy youth for 7 years

Why Myth? and character traits of "The Hero"

The use of myth has always functioned as a sociological and pedagogical tool with the goal of teaching people how to live in this world together while simultaneously providing examples of how to realize the personal gifts each individual brings to the world. Today this method closely resembles what is known as Social and Emotional Learning (SEL).

Alchemy, Inc. provides a healthy masculine model and strategies that set youth on the right course to stay in school and become successful, responsible family men and professionals rather than being sidetracked by the false appeal of apathy, anger, drugs, violence and victimhood. Our program is embraced by young men because of its authenticity and realness. Young males who are alienated, disengaged, and cynical towards life are drawn to our program because we offer a way to answer their "call to manhood." We are a program that does not question or criticize their masculinity but repositions its positive aspects to show the way from boyhood to manhood. Our values are steeped in the character traits of "The Hero." The model of The Hero inspires youth to presevere, learn to make the necessary sacrifices, overcome obstacles, and serve their community. We are more about cultivating wisdom than teaching knowledge.

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