Extracting the Gold Inherent Within
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Teacher Evaluations and Student Testimonials

Evaluations & Testimonials

Your stories and personal experiences truly touched my students in many spiritual ways. I too was touched by your words and your message. You have a very special gift and when surrounded by it, we were transformed and enlightened. My students have written many notes of praise to you and I would like to forward them on so that you will know how you have empowered them with thought and an open mind.

Kari - English Teacher, Ohio

I am profoundly indebted to you for your contribution toward the success of both retreats. When I reviewed the participant evaluations, everyone that had shared in your unique experience, asked me to be sure to have you back with us again. I recognize the enormity of your sacrifice and profoundly appreciate your contributions... Again, thank you for sharing your unique gift with so many.

Rev. Dr. B. Alexander Moore - Executive Director, Passages, Inc.

Thank you for sharing your stories. What a gentle way you have. What wonderful work you do and will do. I can’t tell you how often you gave me insights as well as the courage to continue. More than once I caught one twinkle in your eye or the fieriness of your rage. I appreciate it more than you know.

Liz - Professor, Connecticut

Your presentation and storytelling was fantastic and a great experience for (me and) my friends. The way you can get each kid in touch with feelings, emotions, and thoughts that are normally buried within was great. You are a good figure for your job. I felt that you made everyone think about their life, future opportunities, and situations in life. You made me realize how lucky I am and that my life is in my hands. For everything you did, thank you.

High School Student - Akron, Ohio

The presentation you did for us was excellent. I don’t think there was a part of it that I didn’t like! I especially liked the way that the stories related to our lives very closely.

High School Student - Mayfield, Ohio

Your short stories are wonderful. I noticed while listening to your stories, that in a way I'm like some of the characters. It's great how you work with kids on the street. I also think it's awesome how you reach out to them through stories. I hope you are even more successful in the future and that you will come back.

High School Student - Akron, Ohio

Student Testimonials

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