Extracting the Gold Inherent Within
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Support Groups


Our support groups are designed around the telling, discussion and interpretation of mythological stories and fairy tales accompanied by the soothing beat of traditional drums to teach the student how to view their life's story through the objective lens of mythology and fairy tales. Participants uncover the common mythological motifs such as sacrifice, trials, conflict resolution, decision-making, perseverance, humility, confidence, and strength.

Through these stories students will discover common themes and basic patterns of development. The characters and their common experiences provide the students with interpretations designed to increase their critical thinking skills. Through these discussions our studenst begin to see the importance of these mythological characteristics and how they relate to their academic achievements, social development and lifelong success.



Our Retention of University Students group provides support for university students who are having difficulty overcoming obstacles and balancing the demands of academics and social development. This program helps students focus on successfully obtaining their college degree.

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Our Re-Entry Program for Adult Males is designed specifically for men who are in the process of re-entering society. This support groups focus on reviewing the past through the exploration of personal transformations and life transitions, goal-setting, and the critical importance of father/child relationship.

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Student Testimonial

It's easy to relate the situations that are used in the story to real life to teach us important lessons (in) day-to-day life. Also to help us down the road by helping us make the right decisions now.

Darius - Alchemy Student