Extracting the Gold Inherent Within
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Sacred Circle

Sacred Circle of Alchemy, Inc.

Healing and the Dream Temples of Aesculapius

In the early days people went to be healed by sleeping and dreaming in temples. These temples were referred to as hospitals.

The technique for healing can be reconstructed by reading these early accounts. First a patient would come to the temple and be greeted by the priest-physician at the gates. There the patient would relate a brief history of the ailment, and he or she would be screened for admission. Probably the patient would then undergo a washing of the body in a sacred spring. This was for both cleanliness and purification of spirit. After this, he or she would make an offering to the gods and would then spend some time in prayer and sacred-song chanting. During the day attention would be paid to diet and exercise. But at night the “real” work would commence when the patient would recline on a couch within the temple and sleep and dream.

Dream healing was considered by ancient physicians to be the highest form and best therapy for the treatment of illness.

(The Dream Universe: A mind expanding journey into the realm where psyche and physics meet. – Fred Alan Wolf - Page 68)

Sacred Circle of Alchemy, Inc.

The concept of Alchemy, Inc. is to create a safe environment and sense of community to assist in the development of urban adolescent males through the telling, discussion, and interpretation of mythological stories and fairy tales told to the beat of an African drum.

We create a safe environment by following closely the ritual of Aesculapius and other traditional cultures. Our youth are greeted by the adults present. The youth relate a brief history of their ailment through the discussion of myth. We pass around a hand sanitizer of some sort to symbolize the washing. Our drumming is reminiscent of their sacred song-chanting. Our youth come to our circles to be healed through our analysis and discussion of myths.