Extracting the Gold Inherent Within
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Myth, Muses, & Scribes

In collaboration with Kent State University

Myth, Muses, and Scribes

This project is a collaboration between Alchemy, Inc. and The National Writing Project at Kent State University. The National Writing Project at KSU was established in 1997 and is committed to improving the teaching of writing. It is part of a national effort of nearly 200 writing projects across the country to improve literacy, writing performance, and student achievement. Two Facilitators (Myth Makers) of Alchemy, Inc. will train 7 teachers (Muses) from Kent State’s Writing Project in how to use myth with urban male youth (Scribes). These 7 Muses will work with 25-30 Scribes of Alchemy, Inc. assisting them in becoming better writers.

We have also taken this opportunity to train four female counselors how to use myth with urban female adolescents. We meet once per month for 4 hours over the course of 8 months. Myth, Muses and Scribes is funded by the Kalliopeia Foundation, The Akron Community Foundation, and the City of Akron Neighborhood Partnership Program.

Read comments from two of our Myth, Muses and Scribes sessions here and here.

Student Testimonial

They (myths) are easy to understand, they are interesting, they make you think.

Brandon - Alchemy Student