Extracting the Gold Inherent Within
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In-School Mentoring

To elementary, middle and high school-aged urban youth

Alchemy, Inc.

Provides in-school mentoring programs to elementary, middle and high school-aged urban youth. School-based group sessions are designed to create a safe environment and a sense of community to assist adolescents in their development through the telling, discussion and interpretation of mythological stories and fairy tales. The group sessions are incorporated into the school day by staggering the meeting times so that participating students do not miss the same academic classes each week.

High school-aged Alchemy members participate in monthly workshops and leadership sessions designed to assist in their personal development and to enhance their skills in mentoring elementary and middle school-aged youth. Sessions include instruction and practice in the discussion of myths and contemporary interpretation of mythological themes. In turn, these seasoned members mentor boys in elementary and middle school to deepen their understanding of myth and assist in their personal development through sharing, discussing and interpreting mythological stories and fairytales in a contemporary context.

Student Testimonial

We use myth because it works. It relates to everything going on in one's life. It can relate to family problems, money problems, even school problems. Myth opens your eyes to a new type of story and imaginative world where anything can happen but can relate to your world and your story.

Dominique - Alchemy Student