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Comments from Alchemy Youth

Why use Myth with urban adolescent males?

Alchemy Youth over 3 years in the program

“I feel myth is great for urban youth. It relates to the days we are going through now, it helps us with life’s obstacles. The myth gives us something to look up to, to make life choices. Myth is like the parent that’s with you every second.”

Tyrell - Alchemy Student

“Adolescent males should use the myth stories because it shows us a different way of life than what we see today.”

Sergio - Alchemy Student

“We should use myth with urban males because it is very easy to relate to the stories and it’s not boring so it’s easier to pay attention to what the story says and gets you to think beyond the literal meanings of things.”

Sean - Alchemy Student

“Because they’re easy to understand, they are interesting, they make you think.”

Brandon - Alchemy Student

“The reason we use myth is cause almost every story we have heard its meaning has been going through our life and even when we get older these myths will have some affect on [our] lives.”

Trenton - Alchemy Student

“I think we should use myths with the males because it can help them see how it fits in their life and it lets them learn some lessons, like how it’s time limits.”

Aric - Alchemy Student

“We should use myth because it works. It relates to everything going on in one’s life. It can relate to family problems, money problems, even school problems. Myth opens your eyes to a new type of story and imaginative world where anything can happen but can relate to your world and your story.”

Dominique - Alchemy Student

“The reason why we should use myth is because not only does it entertain the young minds but it also feeds the brain knowledge in a bizarre story that could change the way a person acts.”

Stephen - Alchemy Student

“We use myth because of the similarities it has to things that are going on in our actual lives. While it’s a little over-exaggerated in some stories, the main point can usually help us. A lot also deals with parenting which can be a problem for some youth. Like in “The City Where People are Mended,” when the mom is messing-up, or in “The Water of Life” a lot is about the father. “

Imani - Alchemy Student

“Because it’s not real but then again it is real. So instead of directly telling us how to become well and get better you kind of do it indirectly which gets into our minds better or different.”

Isaiah - Alchemy Student

Alchemy Youth we have had for 18 weeks

“The reason is myth helps people think about what the message is instead of it going in one ear and out the other. Also, it relates better.”

Nick - Alchemy Student

“It can make a point without saying someone’s name, or two or more people have the same problem.”

Terrance - Alchemy Student

“Because they can help you better yourself because myths are like events that happened long ago in other people’s lives and which you can learn from their mistakes and or learn from what happened good in it which can better you.”

Tramel - Alchemy Student

“Because even though they are not true they can help you in everyday life.”

Terrell - Alchemy Student

“We use myths instead of just common traditional ways of getting the miss-guided, guided, by a unique way of helping us. Like instead of saying you messed-up and you get offended and look from the inside out, more than one person and most important, you, can see someone else messing-up and see you need to change, in which you are [then] looking from the outside in, which sugarcoats without offending.”

Adam - Alchemy Student

“So that you can give advice and help people in life in a manner that one would [not] be offended.”

Roosevelt - Alchemy Student

“Because it helps you use your imagination and keeps you thinking, helps you get a better understanding of the stories. Instead of using the same everyday life stories, it is more interesting to use the king and queen and animals.”

DaShawn - Alchemy Student

“We should use myth because it helps us out in our real life situations and makes you think and realize a lot of things.”

Marlon - Alchemy Student

“I think that myth is used because it helps with real life problems that we deal with in life and how to get out of them.”

Khyel - Alchemy Student

“Because myths may help you understand it better than just being straight, flat-out because some people see things different and understand things different."

C.J. - Alchemy Student

“It’s easy to relate the situations that are used in the story to real life to teach us important lessons [in] day-to-day life. Also to help us down the road by helping us make the right decisions now. Its keeps our attention."

Darius - Alchemy Student

“I am able to relate some of the things in the story to real life situations, and able to use the quotes and apply them.”

Sam - Alchemy Student

“We should use mythological stories to learn everyday morals but in a different way. Also, to add interest and excitement and still get something deep from it.”

Alex - Alchemy Student