Extracting the Gold Inherent Within
P: (330) 665-5920 F: (330) 665-2978 | Email: myth@alchemyinc.net

Brandyn Costa

Board Member

New Board Brandyn CostaStudent, mentor and representative, Brandyn has been with Alchemy since 2010. Brandyn joined Alchemy as a youth during his sophomore year at Copley High School, and was part of the first core group of Alchemy youth to graduate. Since graduating Brandyn has contributed to the organization as a mentor and one of six protagonists selected to be featured in the full-length documentary film, Finding the Gold Within.  Brandyn is currently a senior of Political Science at the University of Akron. At the university he also serves as an Honorary Student Ambassador, Executive Member of Phi Delta Theta, and research assistant for the Bliss Institute of Applied Politics. Brandyn has also served as an intern for The City of Akron’s Mayor’s Office; The Ohio State House of Representatives, and The Ontario Legislature, carrying experience in governmental relations, communications and strategic planning.

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