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A day with Jose Angel Santana, Ph.D.

Jose Angel Santana’s work is – Youand: The Art of Mutual Understanding which aims to raise awareness about the great need in the world today for “mutual understanding” between people. Youand employes practical exercises and human relations best practices that, once internalized, greatly increase the quality, and especially the authenticity  of one’s relationships with family; co-workers; in social relations; business; and cross-culturally. Adaptable for any human relations situation, he teaches his THE ART OF CONNECTING course for The School of Visual Arts, which is Youand, customized for Media Arts Professionals.

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Dr. Santana holds a Ph.D. from Pacifica Graduate Institute. As an acclaimed young actor, Jose left the entertainment business over 20 years ago to work with young people. He is co-founder of Santa Barbara’s award-winning City of Peace Youth Program and a former Drama Director of Jane Fonda’s Laurel Springs Performance Arts Ranch and teacher of the N.Y.U.’s Graduate Film School and Undergraduate Drama School. For more information on Jose see his website at www.e-motionpictures.com or www.youand.net

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