Extracting the Gold Inherent Within
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Summer Camp

3 day overnight camp experience

Alchemy, Inc. Summer Camp

The three day overnight camp experience is our most anticipated event as this environment is an ideal setting for urban youth to embrace nature and reflect on their past, present and future. It also offers an opportunity for Alchemy youth to come together to celebrate, bond and deepen their commitment to ongoing personal development, leadership training, and the application of mythological themes in their lives.

Summer Camp 2010

We did not receive any funding for our summer camp in 2010. However, the Boys Scouts of America let us have the camp for free due to our youth’s admirable character traits from the previous year. Since we had no funding, we did not have to meet any objectives . . . we did not have to dance to the beat of anyone’s drum. We danced to our own and at this year’s camp, all we did was relax, chill, watch movies, play X-Box, football, eat food and have fun. A well-deserved retreat!

Previous Summers



Among others, the ancients valued the preparation of future generations for mature, ethical, and moral leadership. They espoused this objective in the larger context of a totally purpose driven life. Finally, they focused upon the development of good character as the key to sustaining the "village" that would be needed to raise the children. The Rites-Based Integrative Education Process (TM) incorporates these ancient principles. Its strategies have been time tested through the ages as valuable tools to the development of healthy citizens and the perpetuation of healthy communities.

Conducted by Kwa David Whitaker, Ph.D, Esq.
This process involves a structured learning curriculum in the aspects of body, mind, emotional, and spiritual health and the applications of these in personal development. Dr. Frost refers to this as Wellness Skills Engineering. The results are an effective mentoring program for educating urban youth into a new paradigm of healthy, alternative, and complimentary practices for constructive lifestyle changes.

Conducted by Michael Frost, Ph.D.



The goal is to blend history, science, and energetic practices into one powerful healing modality which when properly instituted will lend itslef to personal transformation of all involved participants. A focus on how to use these systems to gain control over one's self and in doing this, create one's own reality.

Conducted by Wane Chandler, M.S., C.P.H., H.T.T.
Through a combintion of poetry, writing, and performance, participants will enhance their abilities to communicate while becoming more familiar with the developmental processes that are innately taking place within their psyches.

Conducted by Kwesi James Spriggs and Mwatabu S. Okantah, M.A.