Extracting the Gold Inherent Within
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Mwatabu S Okantah

Camp Instructor

New Camp Mwatabu OkantahMWATABU S. OKANTAH, M.A. is the Assistant Director/Poet in Residence at the Department of Pan-African Studies and the Director of the Center of Pan-African Culture at Kent State University. Mr. Okantah is the author of several books of poetry, His work has been published in numerous journals and anthologies of African American literature, and he has appeared as a poet and motivational speaker throughout the USA, Canada, and Africa.

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Okantah is also an accomplished musical performer and presently is the leader of the four-piece performance group, Muntu Kuntu Energy Ensemble. His most recent work, Reconnecting Memories: Dreams No Longer Deferred, was published in 2004 and his spken word and original music CD, Guerilla Dread: Griot Style, is soon to be released. Mr. Okantah holds an M.A. in Creative Writing from the City College of New York and a B.A. degree in English and African Studies from Kent State University.

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