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New Scholar Neora Myrow v2

A day with Dr. Neora Myrow

Joseph Campbell’s Monomyth,

How Urban Adolescent Males can Become the Hero Within Their Own Stories.

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A Day with Dr. Neora Myrow, Dec. 2010

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The workshop presented Campbell’s model in a dramatic and structural breakdown. Dr. Myrow defined a hero within the content of the hero’s journey, predicated upon the Aristotelian notion that character is action, muthos, or plot.
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New Scholar Bob Walter v2

A day with Bob Walter

President & Executive Director, Joseph Campbell Foundation.

After a sojourn in a Jesuit novitiate, Bob taught elementary school (English, Social Studies, Physical Education) before earning a B.S.S. from Northwestern University (1969). After helping to create and inaugurate the American Theater Institute (Aspen CO), he was awarded a Ford Foundation Fellowship to pursue an M.F.A. at Stanford, where he created, and was appointed Faculty Resident of that university’s first interdisciplinary arts residence.
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New Scholar Neora Myrow v2

A day with Dr. Neora Myrow – Plotting Parzival

Plotting Parzival: Going Wrong to Go Right

The passage from adolescence into adulthood is not a straight line. More often than not we go wrong many times over to learn how to go right. The myth of Parzival teaches this lesson, offering a message of hope and courage to the young adolescent struggling to find the identity within himself and in relationship to his world.
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New Scholar Jose Angel Santana v2

A day with Jose Angel Santana, Ph.D.

Jose Angel Santana’s work is – Youand: The Art of Mutual Understanding which aims to raise awareness about the great need in the world today for “mutual understanding” between people. Youand employes practical exercises and human relations best practices that, once internalized, greatly increase the quality, and especially the authenticity  of one’s relationships with family; co-workers; in social relations; business; and cross-culturally. Adaptable for any human relations situation, he teaches his THE ART OF CONNECTING course for The School of Visual Arts, which is Youand, customized for Media Arts Professionals.
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New Scholar Jody Wainer v2

A day with Jody Wainer

Jody Wainer is a Licensed Independent Social Worker and Jungian analyst. She has been in private practice since 1996. She is the past President of Jung Cleveland. Ms. Wainer is currently interested in increasing the visibility and understanding of Jungian thought and the support it can offer to our lives. Jody spent an entire school day with our youth analyzing “Rumplestillskin”.