Extracting the Gold Inherent Within
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Blowing their Dreams into the Vessel

Prior to working through a myth (the myth eventually works through us), we drum for a little while, then greet the youth. Following this, all in silence, we have a symbolic cleansing. After the cleansing we pass the vessel around for the youth to blow their dreams into the vessel. The youth sit in a circle by age, youngest to oldest. When they initially receive the vessel, all hands are raised for a brief few seconds with their palms blessing the youth in possession of the vessel. Once the vessel reaches the youngest, our hands remain in the air, with the intention of the youngest feeling he is most protected by the group.

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Finding the Gold Within

Alchemy, Inc. was established as a non-profit organization in 2003 with a mission to assist urban adolescent males to develop a sense of purpose in life and successfully function as members of a family, school, and community.

The Other Side

Alchemy, Inc provides a healthy masculine model and strategies that set youth on the right course to stay in school and become successful, responsible family men and professionals rather than being sidetracked by the false appeal of apathy, anger, drugs, violence and victimhood.