Extracting the Gold Inherent Within
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Screening of Preview Clips from Finding the Gold Within

A pre-screening of select clips from the KarinaFilms documentary Finding the Gold Within is being held Saturday, December 14, at the Ann Amer Brennan Theater at Akron’s Our Lady of Elms. Tickets are $50 and include an advance reception. For more information or for tickets, call 330-665-5920, or email [email protected]

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5 – 6 PM Social Hour | 6 – 8 PM Program

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Tickets: $50/person | $75/patron | $500/sponsor a student

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NOTE: If you are using PayPal to make your donation for tickets, please also email your name and phone number to [email protected] to confirm your reservation.

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The Power of Myth

Against the odds, Northeast Ohio’s Alchemy program is helping urban adolescent youth function successfully as members of a family, school, and community. And they’re going to college.

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Kalliopeia Foundation June e-News

Alchemy Inc. Receives Award

Grant partner Kwame Scruggs, founder of Alchemy Inc., accepted a National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award from First Lady Michelle Obama for his work using myths and drumming to empower urban youth. The event was followed by an awards ceremony at the Akron Arts Museum. The morning of the awards ceremony, Scruggs shared his thoughts on the honor, and on his work, in this interview.

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Archetypal Work with Inner City Youth with Kwame Scruggs