Extracting the Gold Inherent Within
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Around the Central Fire

“I have my eye on the central fire, and I am trying to put some mirrors around it to show it to others.” – C. G. Jung

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Thirty people gathered around a circle, lead by a man with a drum. “I believe,” says the man, “that we all met in heaven, and we decided that we would meet in Philadelphia at 7:30 on October 9, and that somebody would bring a drum. And the drum and the myth will remind us of what we knew before we were born, and why we are all here together tonight.”
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Having a Conversation About Race in Expanded Learning Programs

By Sam Piha

Several years ago, I sat in a circle of afterschool leaders across the country. This learning circle was hosted by the National Institute on Out of School Time (NIOST) and we met several times. Along with my friend, Greg Roberts, former Director of the Muhammad Ali Foundation, we insisted that it was important that we discuss the impact of race within our conversations and within our programs.

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Michael Meade and Kwame Scruggs

A discussion with Michael Meade and Kwame Scruggs on the Jasen Sokol Show – 1590 WAKR

WKYC-TV Finding the Gold Within

Channel 3 WKYC-TV

Finding the Gold Within – It was a huge hit at the Cleveland International Film Festival – a documentary about six young men from Akron is empowering more college students. WKYC-TV

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Meet senior and documentary subject Imani Scruggs

Taken from Case Western Reserve News

Senior Imani Scruggs is a product of alchemy. No, not the medieval chemical science. Rather Alchemy Inc., a mentoring program for adolescent black males in Akron.

The program, founded by Scruggs’ father, Kwame, provides positive role models for young men and uses mythological storytelling in combination with African drumming to create a welcoming environment for objective thought and conversation.

“When you get caught in a rut, you think about the hero’s roles in the myths,” Scruggs said. “It helps put you in a different mindset, taking you out of situations and putting yourself into a more holistic mind frame.”
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